Additional services

Non exhaustive list of additional services provided by the group


Offset printing

Offset printing in an ISO7 clean room.

Printing on Tyvek® lids.

Screen printing

Screen printing in dust free premises.

3 screen printing machines (UV or traditional machines).

Products printed: boxes, quick assembly boxes, mount sheets, display units, goodies…

Pad printing

Pad printing of plastic bottles or other plastic parts in a ISO7 cleanroom or in a standard environment.

2 colors printing, printing on 4 sides, corona treatment…

Welding (High frequency welding and vibration welding)


Vibration or friction welding: processes that generates heat through mechanical friction and fuse the materials. Process generally used for the PS material. High frequency welding: the joining together of two materials by softening or melting them along the line of junction by heat induced by high-frequency electric oscillations. Process generally used for the PVC material.

Assembly and packing

Assembly in or out cleanroom

- plastics and silicones parts for cosmetics
- medical devices’ components,
- medical packaging parts: blisters, foams, lids etc.

CNC: computer numerical control routing

CNC: computer numerical control routing

With its CNC, Top Clean Packaging is able to provide additional services on products already thermoformed (with complex shapes) without dismantling the product’s parts: routing, machining, piercing...

Sealing ans sealing machines (Top Clean Seal)

Sealing and sealing machines

- Complete range of sealing machines and tools.
- Packing of medical devices in cleanroom.
- Services: process validation in compliance with the ISO 11607 standard: sealing strength testing, tightness testing...


Hydraulic press

- 2 hydraulic presses in and out clean rooms: cutting of Tyvek® lids and sterilizable foam wedges in ISO7 clean room.

- Punching and cutting of thermoformed products in a standard environment

- 1 Cylinder punch in a standard environment: cutting of big size parts and high thickness parts.

Cutting machine

3 Die cutting machines in and out clean rooms. 2 cutting machines. 1 hard press.

Horizontal cutting.
-  Cutting of Tyvek® lids in clean rooms.
-  Cutting of mount sheets, boxes….


A single supplier

With its overall offer, Top Clean Packaging offer to its customer to have a single supplier for every steps of a plastic project.


- design and manufacture of plastic product’s parts,


- Packaging design and manufacture (with or without printing),


- assembly and packing, sealing (Top Clean Seal) final products in their packaging,


- recycling and recovery of plastic wastes coming from production.


    High technicality and ultra-cleanliness in the plastics industry