Expertise and values

Top Clean Injection is a specialist in injection molding of high-precision plastic parts in cleanroom, for the medical and pharmaceutical fields. The company is also a manufacturer of its own medical devices but also in OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers).

Top Clean Injection shows a wide experience in thermoplastics such as PP, PC, ABS, SEBS, PBT, COC, PEI, PPSU, LCP, PEEK…

Our development is based on our high technical control and our ability to follow the developments of our customers in France and abroad.
Our overall offer of services (design, printing, assembly and packing, sealing medical devices, qualifications…) and our large activities panel done in controlled environment allow us to establish real partnerships with our customers.


Finally, our offer is part of the whole offer of the group Top Clean Packaging (LSR injection molding in cleanroom and manufacture of thermoformed parts in cleanrooms).

Medical injection molding



EN ISO 13485 certified by G-Med


Clean room:

ISO 7 & ISO 8,

1.000 m2 over 3 clean rooms, monthly microbiological and particular control.


Number of press:

11 press, all are electrical


    High technicality and ultra-cleanliness in the plastics industry