Injection molding in cleanroom

The main activity of Top Clean Injection is thermoplastics processing (PP, PC, ABS, SEBS, PBT, COC, PEI, PPSU, LCP, PEEK…) through the injection molding, bi-injection and over molding in ISO 7 or ISO 8 cleanrooms.

This “cleanroom” classification allows us to manufacture high-precision medical and pharmaceutical devices which require microbiological and particular controls of the implemented processes.


In addition to the qualification of the processes (IQ/OQ/PQ), our means of production and installations are designed and maintained in order to guarantee the quality and the safety of the injected plastic parts :

  • 100% electrical presses
  • Laminar air flow on the mold area
  • Casing conveyors
  • ...

Finally Top Clean Injection has a second production plant (back up site), which is about 40 km from Peschadoires.



Single dose plastic vials injection molded in an cleanroom environment.


This alternative to glass vial is unbreakable, safe, cost-effective and sustainable.
More information: www.unicadosevials.com/en


    High technicality and ultra-cleanliness in the plastics industry