One group with combined technologies

Top Clean Injection is part of the family business group Top Clean Packaging, specialized in plastics process. This group is made up of 5 companies, each specialized in thermoforming, plastic injection molding, LSR injection molding, molds manufacturing et plastics recycling.

Cartolux-Thiers and Cartolux-Suzhou: thermoforming

Cartolux-Suzhou is a subsidiary of the company Cartolux-Thiers and is located in Suzhou, 80 km far from Shanghai (CHINA). This company supplies technical parts and thermoformed packaging for the various markets: medical, pharmaceutical, electronics and cosmetics.

Cartolux-Thiers is present in the packaging market for nearly a century and in the thermoformed packaging for 35 years. Thus, this company is strong of its long experience in packaging and plastics industry. Today, Cartolux-Thiers supplies technical parts (handling trays, inserts, point of purchase advertising, colour charts, clamshell packaging…) and medical and pharmaceutical packaging (blisters, trays, mount sheets…)

Top Clean Injection: plastic ans LSR injection molding

Top Clean Injection is specialized in:
- thermoplastics injection molding (from PP to the more technical as PEEK)
- liquid Silicone rubber injection molding
- packing in or out cleanroom environment.

Top Tech Italia: mold manufacturing

TOP TECH ITALIA is specialized in injection mold manufacturing, specially in Liquid Silicone Rubber injection molds, and mold for thermoforming.

Top Recycling: plastic wastes recycling

Top Recycling is specialized in plastics recycling. This company not only recovers the industrial plastic wastes of the group but also the ones of companies located in France and aboard.



The objective of the technologies combination is to develop co-contracting inside the group and so to offer some advantages:


A better responsiveness: a single supplier = just one interlocutor for all the project
The cost optimization: to limit the number of suppliers
A follow-up of the project in its entirety: a supplier who supports and advices his customers on every step of the development without forgetting the global view of the project. 
The quality optimization: the production in clean rooms inside the same group decreases the risk of non-conformity because the “clean chain” is not broken.


With its approach completely different of the plastics industry, the group Top Clean Packaging proposes a complete offer, with high value added solutions: a single supplier, one interlocutor, many technical and economical solutions.


5 companies with common values

The overall offer proposed by Top Clean Packaging is based on the technical expertise of each company of the group, which are used to work together with common values:


- The quality: production in clean rooms,


- The high technicality: expertise in each technology,


- The customer’s satisfaction: a single supplier for a better responsiveness.


    High technicality and ultra-cleanliness in the plastics industry